Compiling this database of players and matches has been a personal project of mine and one that I’ve been working on for many years in one form or another.

It’s my ambition to have a complete online archive of every Wales Rugby League international player and match online and whilst this still may be some way off, there’s a lot of information here on this site.

  • Wales Men’s – we have all matches, scorelines and scorers for every game here, including non-capped matches against club and non-international sides like St Helens, Keighley Cougars and New Zealand Maori. We have every line-up for Wales, and their opposition, for every test match, every Wales captain for every game, all referees, stadia and attendances. Match reports and scorer times are included from 1991 onwards. Thanks to all who have contributed the photographs.
  • Wales Women’s – this side launched in 2019 so we be 100% complete for this side.
  • Wales Wheelchair – with this side launching in 2012, we will also be 100% complete in regards to all Wales player data.
  • Wales Dragonhearts and Juniors – every match and scoreline is available on this site. We are missing a few team line-ups and scorers in a minority of the matches so stats may not be complete. Most match reports are included. For convenience sake, U18 data has been included within U19.
  • Wales Students – just test matches, primarily World Cup and Four / Home Nations, are included at this time. This section is missing the most data especially with team line-ups and scorers, but every effort has been made to include as many competition squad members as possible in the player section. All World Cups are complete from 2005 onwards and Four Nations from 2012 onwards.

If anyone has any player data, match data or photos to add, or has any queries, please contact me directly at ian.golden@walesrugbyleague.co.uk.

Ian Golden, WRL Historian and Head of Media, September 2019.