Match Report

2022 Masters International Festival

14 May 2022 • KO 14:50

0 v 0

Dol Ddafydd, Bethesda


Match Stats
0   Tries   0
0   Conversions   0
0   Penalties   0
0   Drop Goals   0

Match Report

England Masters
The final game of the day saw the eagerly anticipated Wales vs England battle, and it was the only game of the day to finish with the correct masters scoring of 0-0.

A game, that had everything but a try, saw a very tight 30 minutes with both teams giving it their all to get one over their opposite number.

England found themselves in behind on a couple of occasions but just lacked that final wind to get them over the line.

Wales went closest as they managed to get over the try-line, but some great defence from England saw the ball being called as held up.

From big hits to a couple of choice words said to the other team, the festival had it, all but at the end of the day, the Masters are all there to allow players over 35 to still play the game that they love.

Team Lists and Scoring Information

Wales Masters Tries Goals DGs Pts Cards
1 Idris Evans
2 David Burns
3 Wayne Bridges
4 Gareth Evans
5 Julian McTavish
6 Chris Thomas
7 Ryan Roberts
8 Chris Rich
9 David Gray
10 Alf Harvey
11 Robert Gray-Williams
12 Dafydd Curry
13 Martyn Williams
14 Kyle Blake
15 Mark Andrew Jones
16 David Ward
17 Rob Ashworth
18 Chris Stiles
19 Russell Gardner
England Masters Tries Goals DGs Pts Cards
Time Score Player Team Action
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