Match Report

1949/1950 European Championship

12 November 1949 • KO 00:00

16 v 8

St Helen's, Swansea

Attendance: 4749

Referee : Albert Dobson

Match Stats
4   Tries   2
2   Conversions   1
0   Penalties   0
0   Drop Goals   0

Match Report

IN one of the best Rugby League internationals seen at St. Helen's, Swansea. Wales, with a great rally fifteen minutes from a the end. scored 13 points to defeat last year's champions, France.

The technicolour brilliance of the streamlined Frenchmen was dimmed by the inspired Welshment, who were irresistible during the closing stages of the game. Les Williams, the former Cardiff centre, was the match-winner behind the scrum for Wales, and he started the rot in the ranks of the French. His raking bursts through the centre added the thrust which was lacking by Wales at Abertillery.

However, it was the Welsh pack who paved the way to victory. Osmond outhooked Durand four to one and he was well backed-up by props Danter and Hawkins. In the loose Gwyther, last-minute choice for the second row, and Goldswain predominated.

Glyn Morgan, Cardiff, working the scrum, took every advantage of his forwards' dominance and sent out a fine service, which Jack Davies used to good effect. while Ralph Morgan, the Welsh captain and full-back, outshone the more colourful Puig Aubert.

The feature of the match was the grim, determined tackling of Wales, even if it nearly always took two Welshmen to pull down a Frenchman.

Where the visitors failed was their sacrifice of sure handling for speed, although they were unfortunate to be without their centre and captain, Dejean, for the whole of the second half.

In the loose Negrier was a hard. if rebust, forward. and Duffort and Ulma impressed. Dejean, until his injury, was the best of the French backs.

One incident marred the match. A Frenchman appeared to kick Osmond and he had to be carried off. Referee Dobson while looking for the guilty man was pushed by the gesticulating Frenchmen. The Welsh rally followed. There is no doubt the Welshmen were roused. 'and it proved disastrous to the French team, whose previous "fire" was like a flickering candle compared to the white hot heat of Wales.

Scorers for Wales were. goals, R. Morgan (2) tries, W. Williams (2). Gwyther and G. Morgan. France, goal. Puig Aubert; tries, Contrastin and Lespes.

Due to the lack of timings recorded, the score timeline below is not in order.

Team Lists and Scoring Information

Wales Tries Goals DGs Pts Cards
1 Ralph Morgan (c) 2 4
2 Arthur Daniels 1 3
3 Joe Mahoney
4 Les Williams 1 3
5 Denis Boocker
6 Jack Davies
7 Glyn Morgan 1 3
8 Tom Danter
9 Frank Osmond
10 Eynon Hawkins
11 Elwyn Gwyther 1 3
12 Derek Howes
13 Bryn Goldswain
France Tries Goals DGs Pts Cards
1 Puig Aubert 1 2
2 Ode Lespes 1 3
3 Gaston Comes
4 Paul Dejean
5 Raymond Contrastin 1 3
6 P Taillantou
7 Jean Dop
8 Andre Beraud
9 Henri Durand
10 Ambroise Ulma
11 Gabriel Berthomieu
12 Negrier
13 Rene Duffort
Time Score Player Team Action
3 - 0 Arthur Daniels Wales Try
6 - 0 Les Williams Wales Try
9 - 0 Glyn Morgan Wales Try
12 - 0 Elwyn Gwyther Wales Try
14 - 0 Ralph Morgan Wales Conversion
16 - 0 Ralph Morgan Wales Conversion
16 - 2 Puig Aubert France Conversion
16 - 5 Ode Lespes France Try
16 - 8 Raymond Contrastin France Try
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