Match Report

1946/1947 European Championship

12 April 1947 • KO 00:00

17 v 15

St Helen's, Swansea

Attendance: 20000

Referee : Phillips

Match Stats
3   Tries   3
3   Conversions   3
1   Penalties   0
0   Drop Goals   0

Match Report

This international rugby league match at St. Helens, Swansea on Saturday was played under ideal conditions and an anticipated fast open and entertaining game was fully realised.

The rugby league game is essentially quick moving, for there is no line-out no loose scrummaging and no intentional kick to land in touch, while there is no time lost in getting the ball in the set scrums. The character of the game has changed so quickly that one moment a side will be sorely taxed to keep its line intact and the very next moment it will be exerting severe pressure on the opposing citadel.

The Welsh team deserved their victory for they showed the more initiative and finesse during the first half although as the game progressed the French team overcoming their natural impetuosity match the Welshmen in skill and design.

The passing, and there was an abundance of it, was well executed but when the forward to hand in much of it it was purely mechanical and easy to frustrate. Apart from a few instances of high and tackling the defence on both sides was of a high standard.

W.T. Davies and Puig Aubert, the two full-backs, had much to do, and neither made a mistake. The latter, a diminutive player, endcared himself to the crowd by his coolness under pressure and his elusiveness.

Gareth Price and N. Harris at Centre had a very good match. Price made one brilliant interception and after covering half the field served N. Harris who was brought down inches only from the line. These two, with W. G. Morgan and R. Williams contributed the best bit of interpassing when Harris scored his try. E. Walters and R. Lloyd were two resolute runners but the most prominent of the backs was our Williams who played his role with distinction.

The forwards had as many opportunities of handling as the backs and in this connections G. Gwyther, D. Phillips and L.M. Thomas were frequently in the picture.

Comes and Maso played well for France at centre and the two wings Lespes and Trescases showed much grit and determination as they Korean along the touchline. The flying leap of Lespes over the head of W. T. Davies to score the last try was a thrilling climax to a pleasing afternoon's spectacle.

Berthomiau, Brouse and Pibert were the shining lights of the virile forwards.

For Wales, tries were scored by N. Harris, E. Walters and R. Williams, goals by W. T. Davies. For France, tries by COmes, Brousse, Lespes and goals by Puig Aubert.

Please note that we don't have scorer times, so the timeline below is not in order.

Team Lists and Scoring Information

Wales Tries Goals DGs Pts Cards
1 Bill Davies 4 8
2 Emlyn Walters 1 3
3 Gareth Price
4 Norman Harris 1 3
5 Reg Lloyd
6 Dickie Williams 1 3
7 Glyn Morgan
8 Dai Davies
9 Mel Meek
10 Elwyn Gwyther
11 Bryn Goldswain
12 Doug Phillips (c)
13 Les Thomas
France Tries Goals DGs Pts Cards
1 Puig Aubert 3 6
2 Ode Lespes 1 3
3 Gaston Combes
4 Joseph Maso 1 3
5 Fredo Trescases
6 Robert Caillou
7 Gaston Comes
8 Ambroise Ulma
9 Martin Martin
10 Henri Gibert
11 Elie Brousse 1 3
12 Gabriel Berthomieu
13 Gabriel Calixte
Time Score Player Team Action
2 - 0 Bill Davies Wales Conversion
4 - 0 Bill Davies Wales Conversion
6 - 0 Bill Davies Wales Conversion
8 - 0 Bill Davies Wales Penalty
11 - 0 Emlyn Walters Wales Try
14 - 0 Norman Harris Wales Try
17 - 0 Dickie Williams Wales Try
17 - 2 Puig Aubert France Conversion
17 - 4 Puig Aubert France Conversion
17 - 6 Puig Aubert France Conversion
17 - 9 Ode Lespes France Try
17 - 12 Elie Brousse France Try
17 - 15 Joseph Maso France Try
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